Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GameSpot Mobile

I think I'm in love.

Ok, Maybe not, but I am way excited about an email I received this morning. It was an email from GameSpot talking about their new Gamespot Mobile which is currently in Beta.

First, for those that don't know, Gamespot is a game review page. You can see what how the "experts" rank a game, as well as how other people rate a game. It's really a helpful site when you're buying a game, there's nothing worse than spending money on a game, and get it home and find out it's crap.

More than once I've been at the store (used game store actually) and saw a game that looks really cool, and wondered how it was... well now, I'll be able to pull out my phone, and look it up much easier than before.

This is just too cool.

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