Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flu Sucks

The flu sucks! That is actually an understatement, but I've learned something that is worse than the flu, and that is having your son sick with the flu... that he got from you.

I guess I started getting sick Saturday morning. By the afternoon, I had a slight fever, but didn't think much of it. Saturday late afternoon, my dad called asking if I was up to a trip to OKC? I asked when and he said now. He was in a wreck, so out of bed I came and headed to OKC to get him and my mom. (Neither of them were hurt, but the lady that was with them was.)

Anyway, I got them home, and I've been real worried they would get this. If I had known I had the flu, I'd probably had them try someone else. See, they headed out of state Tuesday. The drove to Alabama I think for some convention, where they are speaking. If they get what I have, it's not going to be pretty.

When I talked to them yesterday, dad was starting not to feel well. When I talked to them today, he was feeling better. That's good, cause if that's the case, he didn't get the flu.

OK, more rest. I'm trying to get back to work. Today is the first day I've even tried to get out of bed.
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