Monday, February 11, 2008

Blu-Ray v HD-DVD update

I heard some great news today. It appears that Netflix is phasing out it's HD-DVD and going to only carry Blu-Ray.

This is great news on many fronts. Mainly cause I think think will help bring the end of this format war to a close. Format wars are not good for anyone, especially us consumers.

More studios are going Blu-Ray only than HD-DVD. Blu-Ray sales are also out pacing HD-DVD. I've said all along I hope Blu-Ray wins this war. But I'll not count my disks till they are burned so to speak. I've read specs and articles till I'm blue in the face (no pun intended). I've seen and heard the pro's and con's of both formats, and I've still chosen Blu-Ray.

Hopefully this event will help.
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