Sunday, May 06, 2007

USS Batfish

Saturday, the Cub Scouts went the USS Batfish Volunteer day. To help clean and get the Batfish ready for a reunion of the crew that had served on the Batfish during WWII.

The Batfish was a WWII Diesel Submarine. We were lucky enough to get a tour of it from one of the men that had served on the Batfish. The cub scouts really had a good time. We got there late because of a soccer game (which was pretty good), but we made it for lunch and the tours. And afterward, most people were headed home, but I made sure we got some work so my boy could work.

This was not only a Batfish memorial, but also a war memorial as they had other items there.

If you have never been, I'd urge you to go. I went once as a kid/teenager (don't remember how old I was), and this was my second time there.

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