Monday, March 12, 2007


I hate time change. Especially Spring forward. That hour of lost sleep is murder. I really wish we would just adjust the clocks, and leave them that way. I don't care which way to leave them, just leave them.

I don't mind the fall back one as much as the spring one. There is something about the falling back of the clock, and the getting darker earlier, that just puts me in that snug feeling where I'm ready for bed, and want to curl up by a nice fire (if I had a fire place).

But, it's spring. And I do like Spring... It's my third favorite season (right behind Fall and Winter) but unfortunately, Spring means Summer isn't far away. And I don't care for summer (though I do love bikini's especially on my wife).

Anyway, enough rambling about lack of sleep. I'm ready now if it wasn't for work.

oh well.
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