Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yesterday, I got out and did some more work in the garden. I did lots of raking to get out some of grass that was in there. After that, I went to Atwoods to get some stuff...

I ended up getting 6 jalapeƱo plants, 3 bell peppers, 6 tomatoes, and some onion sets. I also got some lettuce, spinach, cilantro and corn seeds.

We may try a Three Sisters Garden where I'm planting the corn. Basically, you plant your corn followed by some pole beans. The beans climb up the corn stalks. Then you plant squash as a ground cover all in the same area. It lets you get more out of a small space. Sounds interesting. Not sure if we'll do the beans or not, but the corn and squash are going to happen.

This year, instead of using wimpy tomato cages, I picked up 2 stock panels. We cut them in half and tried staking them to the ground. (we had to make do with finding stakes around the house. I may go get some t-posts before the tomatoes start using the support.

I still need to mulch the garden, but it was dark, and I was tired when I finished yesterday.
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