Thursday, February 01, 2007

Microsoft Time Zone

While hitting the topics this morning before I get extremely busy, I saw a link to download Microsoft Time Zone. This app is cool.

Where I work, I deal with people in Australia, New Zealand, and TiJuana. My cousin currently lives in Guam. It's really hard to keep up. I'm always asking "What time is it there?"

So, long story short, you set up Microsoft Time Zone with the Timezones you want to track. Then you right click the app in your taskbar, and click on Show My Locations, and all the locations you set up pop up, and you see the local time.

It also appears that you can set the timezone of your machine to these locations as well. But since I do little traveling, I don't think I'll use that feature.

Pretty spiffy. I think this comes with Vista, but since I don't see me installing Vista anytime soon, I grabbed it.
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