Monday, February 23, 2015

Suck it up cupcake!

This is my second post where I'm not talking about chickens, photography or gardening, but this really bothered me today.

Men, do you want what's best for your child?

I hope you all would just say yes, but I want you to think about this a moment.  Do you REALLY want what's best for your child?

I've always thought that most people would always answer yes to that question, but I've come to believe that many men don't.  They want what's best for themselves!

I know a lot of youth and interact with a lot of youth and when dealing with youth, you deal with parents, step parents, grand parents, guardians, etc.  I'm shocked at how one parent can act towards another parent, with no regard for their child!

Last minute cancel of plans, never mind people were counting on them to show up, ESPECIALLY their child.  Not swapping a weekends even though the CHILD (not ex) has something special planned that they've worked really hard and long for, but the "parent" is too childish to either swap the weekend, or keep your weekend, but taking them to their event.  I bet your child would LOVE that!

I do get there are circumstances where a parent had something planned with their kid and the child had something planned with some school or extra-curricular event that falls on the same weekend.  That's not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about knowing your child wants to do something that they've worked a long time on, and you decide no, because your ex really wants him to go.  Too many times I've seen where one doesn't bend at all to "show" them.  Never caring if their child is hurt in the process.

Better yet, I've seen where a woman finally marries a good man.  He has a job, works hard to supply the needs for his family.  Treats the kids well.  Why on earth would you not want a good man to treat your child well?  Many times, they have no desire to replace you, but you act as though your child can only love you or them.   NEWS FLASH for you, a child's love is boundless!  There is room for multiple people in your child's life.  I would love for as many good role models as I can get to come into my son's life, even if me and his mother were not together.

Yes, I do realize that maybe that woman hasn't picked a winner.  Maybe they are about as bad as you can get.  Guess what?  There's not a lot you can do about it.  So, you have a choice.  You can suck it up and do what's best for your child.  Letting them be involved in things they like, helping them as much as you can which might mean you have some contact with the other parent, OR you can act like a jerk all the time. 
If a child can't have their parents together, having them get along is the next best thing.

One day, your child will be old enough to notice everything, and they will.  Maybe they'll see what kind of person their mom is with or maybe, they'll just see the hurt that you've caused them.  Oh, I'm sure they'll still love you, but will your relationship be the same if you were always there to support them and loving them and never used them as a pawn?

Grow up already people.  Do what's best for your child!  A child needs peace in their lives, so is YOUR bickering and pettiness really bringing peace?  (The answer to that is no, just in case you weren't sure).

I've seen this time and time and time again.

DISCLAIMER 1:  Yes, I addressed this to men, but the same holds true for women.  So if you're a woman who was strongly agreeing with what I posted, go back through and change the genders of what I'm saying. If you no longer agree, then maybe I'm talking about you too.

DISCLAIMER 2:  This is just a blog post, these are my opinions.  No, I don't know your situation.  No, I don't know what they are like, but I know the dozens of people I'm thinking about, and it DOES fit them.
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