Friday, January 23, 2015

Chicken Time

We live in Rural Oklahoma.  Not as rural as I would like, but to have as fast of internet speed that I do have, I can't live much further out than this.

We live on a 1.1 acre lot. It's not huge, well, until it's time to mow, but it's much better than many, many, many city lots.

Over the last few years, I'd been suggesting to my wife that we get some chickens.  Well, last year, my wife decided it sounded like a good idea.  So my son and I built a coop, and my wife found us some chickens.

We got 10 chickens on 4/22/2014, we split them with some friends, so we've had 5 chickens until a month or so ago, when we ended up picking up another chicken from a friend who was ready to get out of chickens.

Since that day, we've received 1,015 eggs!!!
I know that number because I've kept records.  I know how much money we've spent on food. I know how much money we spent on the coop, I know it all.

Today, on this relatively warm January Oklahoma day, we confined the dog to the house (he loves the chickens a little to much) and let them roam around the back yard.  We try to let them do that on a daily basis, but it doesn't always happen.  It would happen a lot more if the dog wouldn't chase them all over the yard.

While they were out, I took a few pictures.  They love having free range of the back yard.  And the happier they are, the more eggs we get.

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