Monday, April 28, 2014

Garden updates

The garden is doing well.

First, I planted a couple of blackberry bushes over the weekend.  I'm hoping they take well.  I love blackberries!  (sorry, no pictures)

We've started letting our chickens free range in the evenings (while the dog is put away) and I've been keeping a close eye on them around the garden.

Here one of the girls is looking for bugs around the onions, spinach and jalapenos.

Here are a few of my tomato plants along with my strawberries which are doing great!  I even have some green berries on the plants.  I'm keeping an eye on them!

Here is the full garden area.

I've been harvesting some of my spinach from the garden here and there.  I have some lettuce in a wheelbarrow but it's been slow to grow this year, even before I moved it to the wheelbarrow.

I've also made it out to the Owasso Farmers Market the last two weeks.  We got some asparagus the first week and last week I got some farm fresh breakfast sausage and some lettuce.

This coming weekend, they are supposed to have some locally grown green house tomatoes!
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