Thursday, April 19, 2012

A rose by any other name

Today, while I was at my grandparents doing some yard work, I noticed this beautiful rose along their fence line.  It was awesome!  To top it off, it stood out so much in the shade surrounded by different shades of green and brown.

This week, I've also been taking photo's for a project at a site I've been following called Digital Photography School.  Their assignment this week was to shoot pictures with a Wide Open Apertures.  I took a couple other pictures that I've posted to my flickr page.  But today, while mowing, I decided to try some more shots.  And personally, I'm glad I did, I think this came out wonderful.

The last few pictures, I've been trying to post details of my photo, so here you go

Picture Details
Focal length 18 mm
Exposure 1/160
ISO 200
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