Saturday, May 22, 2010

Digging day

We moved into our house a little over a year ago, and we love it! I'd say the biggest problem we have is with drainage when it rains. We never have water in the house, but it would always cover the sidewalk, and the front porch just about every time it rains!

A couple month ago, we added a large flowerbed in the front and took the soil down 2.5 inches. It helped a lot.

However, with the storms a few days ago, the sidewalk was covered again and all the mulch in the bed was floating away. So, Friday, my wife decided she would try to dig a little drainage ditch between the gravel and paved portion of the driveway. While doing that, she found a drain that had been placed there who knows when. As she excavated, she found that the drainage pipe went about 10 feet into the yard and just stopped. Also, it was all filled with gravel and dirt.

We decided to do something about it. My wife and son had cleaned out the drain yesterday.


Today, my wife and I dug a ditch and bought some new pipes so the drain would actually drain out and away from the house. We even put a clean-out section in the pipe to help with keeping it cleaned out and working. We now just need another good rain to give it a try.

I remembered to take a few pictures today as we worked.





Did I mention how many rocks and shell we have in the ground? Yea, it's a lot!!!
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