Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Making memories!!!

Tonight, my boy and I went out, and howled at the moon! Why? Because it was a full moon, and we are wild men, and it was fun!

We've also decided to always try to howl at every full moon! Is this silly? You bet! But what better memories can I make with my boy now then to do something silly with my boy!

Things have made me realize how important it is to have fun, and make these precious fun memories with my boy now, while he still wants to be with me, and have fun with me. He's 9, and before long, dad will no longer be cool.

We came into the computer room to see when the next full moon is, and it's on August 5th! So we already have our next howling date scheduled. In fact, we've scheduled the rest of them for the year! (and for the record, there are 2 full moons in December... 12/2 and 12/31!

Then, after howling at the moon, we went and found the ISS passing over and enjoyed watching it fly by!

When it was time to come in, we took the time to howl again!
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