Monday, June 15, 2009

Resident Camp Update

First, I will admit. I was nervous this weekend.

This camp that my boy went to was more than just another night at a friends house, this was a true camping trip! The kind where your shower is either a dip in the lake, or provided by God in a rain storm! He slept in a tent, without an adult in it. And to top it off, it was a rather stormy weekend.

I didn't think he would, but I was afraid he would want to call us to come pick him up, and I didn't want that. I wanted him to realize how much fun this stuff is! How he can have fun without me or his mom around.

And man did he!

When we first got there, he saw me get out of the car and came a running! When he finally saw his mom, he ran to her too. He talked to us a few moments, and then was quickly out pacing us with his friends headed to dinner.

The leaders told me what a great job he did, and only had one slight breakdown and that was Sunday morning (after a very tiring week). So, that was awesome! He was so tired come Sunday, after lunch, he fell asleep at the lunch table!

Watching him interact with his friends, allowed me to see how much he grew up this weekend! To listen to him talk about the paddling the war canoes, and swimming, and the castle, and songs, and skits they did, was incredible. We sang one of the songs several times in the car on the way to my parents for church camp this week. I learned more about the 3 days at Resident camp than I think I found out the entire school year about what when on at school.

And as happy and proud of him as I was, it also makes me sad knowing how much my little boy is growing up. But again, that is is how it should be.

This week, he is at church camp with my parents. He'll be exhausted by the time he gets home. But he's having a good summer!
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