Monday, May 26, 2008

Cub World Camping Trip

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Over the weekend, we had our camping trip to Cub World at Zinc Ranch. It was a lot of fun.
This year, we camped near a castle they have built there, so they had the boys make swords, shields and swords. My wife and I made his sword and shield. It was really cool and he likes them very much. Then Friday, I made his helmet. It wasn't as cool as I would like, but its not bad. It even has padding in the helmet. He was happy with the set, so we were ready for our camping trip.

So, we went Saturday morning and had a great time. The grass was WAY high, but the castle rocked!!! The kids had a great time storming the castle and fighting for ground. It was an awesome time. Saturday, my boy got hurt though. He was at the castle playing and basically ran into a pole. I'm not sure if it was inside or out, but he gave himself a little shiner.

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