Thursday, April 10, 2008


I first heard of Geocaching from Steven a couple years ago but didn't have a GPS to give it a try. About a month ago, I got a new cel phone that runs Windows Mobile and has a built in GPS in it (more on my phone later). So, after searching a bit on Geocaching and for some software that I could use with geocaching, my boy and I went for our first hunt.

We had a blast! I had found a cache that was close to the house, and went up to see if he was up to go on a treasure hunt. Not only did he say it sounded fun, but he put down his DS, and picked out something to leave in the cache and came happy as could be.

When we found the cache, he wanted to go find another one. Since I only had the one loaded in the phone, I told him no, but we could do more later.

I've got 4 more loaded up and ready to go.

As we were leaving, we caught a great sunset.

I forgot to mention that this was the cache we found.
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