Sunday, April 06, 2008

Garden and stuff

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to get the tiller working again. The pull string broke last year, and I said I'd fix it before the Spring.... well, Spring got here, and I didn't have it fixed.

So, if we are going to have any veggies, I have to get the tiller fixed, or break out the hoe and get to work. So, I go to Atwoods and get a replacement, I get home and finally figure out how to change it out.

While doing that, I realized the belts are in sad shape. So sad, I'm surprised they didn't break instead. That got me to thinking, so I checked the air filter, and it was in sad shape as well. So, I take them off and head back to Atwoods.

They no longer make the same type of air filter, but i found one that was similar, and got it. But I don't know the length of my belts... so I walk around looking for the tape measures. I then try to measure the belts. I go back to the other side of the store, and get the belts.

After getting home and trying to get the belts on, I realize that one belt was to big, the other, too small. So, I cut them and measure them... sure enough, one was 1 inch to large, the other 1 inch to small. Since I was going through all this trouble, I checked the spark plug, and I'm surprised it could spark.

Anyway, I finally get everything replaced and put back together, and couldn't get it started... I gave up and went fishing. Got 2 small perch.

Today, after church, I got back out there, and emptied out the old gas, and put in fresh, and got it to start up. So, I got the garden tilled. In celebrations, I went fishing. Didn't catch anything. Because of everything that has been going on, and how hard this week has been for my wife, we stayed home to spend some time as a family, and we went ahead and planted the garden. We have corn, and brussel sprouts, jalapeƱos, and tomatoes. We already have some onions, cilantro, and oregano going. My boy wants some cucumbers, but I need to till up some more dirt before I can get them planted.
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