Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation Journal - Day 6

Thursday 6/21

We woke up today, had breakfast and loaded up to hit the road home. We decided not to go home the same way we came, and since I'd never been to Florida before, and we were that close, we headed for Florida.

For the most part, the day was pretty insignificant. while we were in Mississippi, we hit a long line of traffic. It was bad. After being in line for about 30 minutes or so, we finally got to a sign that said road construction, 3 miles. We were still 3 miles from the construction that was causing the problem!!! My wife was driving at the time, and she noticed fish jumping in the swamp next to us. She hollered up at some kids that were hanging out the window in front of us to see if they saw the fish jumping. At one point, I thought we were going to do a Chinese fire drill. During the traffic, I did manage to get a cool picture of a Mississippi sunset though.

Other than the long traffic jam, nothing major happened. I guess the highlight of the day was when we stopped for a hotel room in Buloxi, Mississippi. We looked up a hotel on the GPS and went to it. It was a bit off the main road, but you can usually find better rates there. Anyway, we get there about 8:30 or so, and the office was closed!!! We couldn't believe it. Ok, we'll try again. I found another Hotel real close, we went to it, and when I saw it, I told my wife to just keep driving. hehe It wasn't somewhere we wanted to stay.

When we had got off the highway, there was a hotel that said "Super Low Rates", so we went back there, and it was $88/night, and they didn't have any rooms with 2 beds, and I was NOT sharing a bed with my squirmy son. We went to another place, my father-in-law and I both went in. He ordered a room with a single bed, and wanted to use a senior citizen discount. She told him $55+tax. He said great and took it. He walked out to the van, and I told the girl. "I need a room with 2 beds, and do you have a traveling with your in-laws for 7 days discount?"
She laughed, and then gave me the same rate she gave my father-in-law! That made me happy.

So, we had a shower, and got to watch a little TV on our possessed TV. It would just randomly shut off. Sometimes it would come back on, and sometimes it wouldn't.
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