Sunday, May 04, 2014

Updates on the coop

Yesterday, I'd blogged about adding some more shade to the chicken yard.  So I made sure I went out to see how things looked this morning.

With the additions I made, there is a lot more shade available to them.  They should be able to use the new shaded area's until about noon.  At that point, they'll have to go back to under the coop.

When we built the coop, ventilation was a real big deal to me.  We built a wooden coop, but it has a corrugated steel roof and I've been concerned about the heat inside the coop.  I realize during the day, they aren't in there much, but depending on how much it heats up, it might take a while to cool off at night.

So, while at the store today, I decided to get one of the wireless transmitted temperature gauges.  I have the other end sitting on the back porch.  This will allow me to see the temperature differences between outside and inside the coop.

Today, it got to 94 here in Northeaster Oklahoma.  Right now at 6:00, it's 93 degrees on the back porch, and it's 95 in the coop.

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