Saturday, September 07, 2013

Flour Tortilla's

I've been doing a lot of things lately to find ways to save money.  One thing I've been doing is a lot of cooking.  Instead of buying a lot of mixes or pre-made food, I've been making stuff from scratch.

Since my son started school, we've have breakfast burrito's almost ever morning.  So, this week, I decided to try my hand at making some flour tortilla's.

I told one of my friends at work about it, and he gave me the recipe that this family really likes that he got from the Homesick Texan.

They're very good.  They're not thin tortilla's but they're a bit thick, but they tasted very good.  My family really enjoyed them.

Today, I decided to try a recipe I got from The Pioneer Woman's site.

These are much more along the lines of what I buy when I go to the grocery store to buy flour tortillas.  They're thin and seem to roll up well.  We've had several of these as well, and we've enjoyed these too.

I asked my wife, what she thought, and which she liked the best.  She liked them both.  She thought that depending on what you were going to have them with would determine which she'd want us to make.

So, there are 2 really good recipes for you.  1 thick, and 1 thin!  Take your pick, but you're winning either way!
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