Monday, January 10, 2011

Dish Network and Griffin Communications

For those of you that aren't aware, Dish Network is in yet another contract negotiation where service may be dropped (like they were with Fox Sports earlier in the year). This time it's with Griffin Communications (which is News 9, News On 6 and the Tulsa CW).

Since September, I've been considering dropping Dish Network and going to something else or Over-the-air and streaming. My wife didn't want to cause we'd lose most of the OSU football games. And seeing her point, we decided to keep Dish.

Well, during football season, Dish Network had their "negotiations" with Fox Sports and since they couldn't come to an agreement, stopped airing Fox Sports. I know I missed at least one football game to this.

Now they are threating to drop Channel 6.

I decided that I'd go ahead and write Dish Network a letter tonight and I figured I'd go ahead and share here.
I've been a loyal Dish Network customer since June 1988. But recent actions by your company have me strongly reconsidering my choice of provider. Earlier this year, there was a problem with Fox Sports and now with Griffin Communications.

Next week, if the 2 of you do not come to an agreement, I'll lose the ability to watch the the news channel I wish to watch and other shows my family enjoys.

I'm paying you for that channel, however, if you stop carrying that channel, I doubt you drop the cost of local HD channels. Which means this all comes down to money in YOUR pocket.

I strongly hope you two can come to an agreement before the deadline. If I lose this channel and have to find another way to watch this channel. It may be a permanent change.
The last time this came up, Dish Networks stance was they're trying to save the consumers money. I don't blame Dish Network for wanting to make a profit. That's how things go. Nor to I blame Griffin Com for it either.

I've been really close to dropping Dish. This just might be what it takes.

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