Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Adoption Day

10 years ago today, I was in court. Not for a ticket or anything like that, but for the adoption of my red-headed girl! She was 11 years old then.

MJ 2001

The day I married her momma, I gave her a ring as well. I asked her if she'd be my little girl, and she said yes.

Every year, on this day, I give her a present. But not just any present, they always had to be age-appropriate gifts. On her 2nd adoption day, she got what a 2 year old would get, and so on. I've given her all sorts of things that girls her biological age would not want, but gifts I hope she's found enjoyable. I've told her that the first years of her life I've missed, but gave her gifts as she hit that age on her adoption day.

All but this year. We've caught up to the ages I was around and was able to give her gifts for her birthday (passed actually). This year though, I've bought her a gift that most 10 year old's wouldn't want. But I'll talk more on that on another post. (I'm posting this before she's gotten her gift).

I've never regretted adopting her, though she's NEVER made it easy. Especially not these last few years. No, not these last few years. But family isn't family just when they are easy to live with. No family is your family no matter what. The day I asked her momma to marry me, she became my family.

She is as much my girl as my son is my boy. And as I point out to her. I was stuck with whatever I got with my son. With her, I chose her. I got to choose to be her daddy, and that's nothing to take likely.


Happy Adoption Day sweetheart! Though you can drive me crazy, I love you.
Love's not a feeling. Love's a choice.
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