Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm Continued

I talked yesterday about the ice storm we had. Well, it got worse. We were very blessed that we didn't lose our electric till about 9:30 Sunday night. So, we lit the candles, turned on the oven and opened the door for heat. I double checked the carbon-monoxide detector just to make sure it was working since we were heating the house with the oven. I also closed off the doors to a couple of the rooms.

As we set in the candle lit room, we listened to cracking and breaking and crashing of tree branches hitting all sorts of things. It sounded like a war zone with all the noise and flashes of light I saw out the window.

I'd hear large crashes several times through the night, and I'd go to check, but couldn't really see anything. Once I'd decide I'd stop checking, something very large would hit again, so I'd get up and check again. It was a very nerve wracking night.

Yesterday, we moved the vehicles because a tree branch fell about 5 to 10 feet from the car. Here was a picture of that tree limb down.
After the night, we woke up to this:
Here is a picture of where the cars were parked before we moved them.

With some help of some people from church (and their chainsaw) we did some cleanup today, and we can now park one of the vehicles back in the driveway.

I estimate we'll loose between 2 and 5 trees when it's all said and done.
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