Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sister Visits

Saturday, while my boy was playing the PS2, he was getting frustrated at a part and stopped for a couple minutes. Then he sighed really big. I asked him what was wrong and he said

"I just saw this picture of Sissy. I sorta miss her."

It was the cutest thing you had ever seen. I told my wife that, and I guess she called our girl up, and she and her dog came by for a visit Sunday afternoon.

She spent a lot of time with her brother, and that really made me proud. With so many years between them, it's not really be the easiest for either for them. Both being only kids, and at the same time, not.

It was really neat sitting back and watching them sit, swing and talk on the swing set.

Later on, during her visit, they were looking at this spider that was on the swing set (not the picture above), and she tried to get him to touch it, but he wouldn't do it. She even offered him a dollar if he would touch it.

He turned, and looked at her and said
Which is more important? A dollar, or my life? It could be poisonous.
At which point she told him, he was a very smart boy.

That made me smile.
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