Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raingutter Regatta

Tonight was my son's Raingutter Regatta at the Pack meeting.

Instead of doing the normal boat, we got creative and made a catamaran. My boy helped design it, sand it, and paint it. Though I did the cutting on the boat.

So, at tonights race, well, let's just say he kicked some booty. :)

He ended up in 1st place of the Tiger Cubs!!!

He was so happy.

Here is his Pirate Catamaran!

Here is his boat along with some of the other boats.

He was racing another Catamaran. I thought he was going to get beat. And I would have been upset since I told his den master what
2007 RainGutter Regatta
First Place Tigers
(BTW, those are cannons on the side)

Tonight, he also got his Bobcat and Tiger badges along with a slew of belt-loops
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